Time to tog up your toddlers in warm wellies

First-time togging tots in wellies? What a decision when choosing which toddler wellies to buy. We sell a lot of toddler wellies in July and August because they are setting off for nurseries.

I've been investigating kids wellies for over a decade and have tested and developed our own toddler wellies based on talking to parents and acting on PARENT FEEDBACK. So what do you need to know about toddler wellies? How to fit them? What to look for? Why choose ours?

Children’s feet sizes: Have you ever wondered why kid’s shoes go up to size 13 then start all over again at size 1?

It is said that round about the 15th century, the King needed a pair of shoes, but the measurements varied somewhat. So his shoemaker made a scale: 4 inches for a baby - size 0, and then he used standard barley seeds to add the 1/6th inch increments.

Apparently he ran out of seeds at 13, so drew a line and started again at 1. Adult sizes actually tend to start at about 3 for women and 6 for men, so that is not a true cut off point.

Growing feet - did you know? From the time your child is born until around the time they hit the age of 2, their little feet are soft and flexible. That’s why it is important to make sure you get correctly fitted first shoes.

Once your child reaches the age of 3, the foot is still flexible and soft, but the muscles and arch begin to work in earnest and feet start to become narrower and look like a more developed foot.

If you read our size chart, you will see that our toddler wellies are generous and wide fitting – and you will also see they are the same width as our infant size 9 wellies. Feet don’t keep growing wider!

Customer feedback tells us all our wellies are great for wide feet – and they’re especially suitable for toddlers and kids with wide feet.

What are average kids shoe sizes?

Is there such a thing as average anymore? Roughly speaking, average shoe sizes for girls and boys are slightly different - with boys having slightly larger feet.

Age Size

2 5-6

3 7-8

4 8.5-9

You could look at this as a guide, but it would be better to measure your child’s feet and refer to our own Warm Welly size guide.

Getting the right size

Sizing can be a problem with any footwear because they can vary so much from brand to brand. To help you we’ve added lots of measurements to our Warm Welly Size chart.

One size up for kids? Generally, we would recommend that you buy one size larger than your child's shoe size. However, if you want to double check, stand your child on a ruler or tape measure and compare the length of the foot on our Warm Welly Size chart.

What makes our kid’s wellies so popular?

All our wellies have a neoprene lining – this means they have super insulation properties. The lining also means the wellies are more comfortable – and they are easy to dry because unlike fleece lined wellies, neoprene doesn’t absorb water.

Read our blog – why are neoprene-lined-wellies-warmer?

Toddler wellies. Sizes 6-8 Flat sole

Our toddler wellies have a flat sole, with no heel, making them more stable and easier to walk in. They are generous and wide fitting - size 7 toddler wellies are the same width as infant size 9. The tabs at the back of the wellies are designed to help get the wellies on and off – and they are great for hanging on pegs. You will also see they have luminous strips – perfect for keeping an eye out when it’s getting dusky and dark.

Customer feedback tell us they are suitable for children with wider feet.