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Cool! How to make an Ice Bauble

When it's cold - make an ice bauble

15 January 2021

​Things to keep the kids entertained outdoors Part 4

Here we go again - more ideas to keep the kids entertained during lockdown.

15 January 2021

​How to dry out your wet wellies

Warm wellies are great – but they still won’t stop water pouring in if you get knee deep in water. 'How do you dry warm wellies?' is a question we’re often asked.

14 January 2021

Warm Welly business expanding

As more families take to the outdoors this winter - the Warm Welly Company market is expanding as sales of warm wellies continues to grow.

30 November 2020

Time to tog up your toddlers in warm wellies

First-time togging tots in wellies? What a decision when choosing which toddler wellies to buy. We sell a lot of toddler wellies in July and August because they are setting off for nurseries.

19 August 2020

Getting the right size wellies

Have you been piling on layers of socks to get extra warmth when you’re wearing wellies? Do your kids have wellies that far larger than their shoes? And do you know the right shoe size?

19 August 2020

Warm Welly Company promotes the countryside and home learning with 4-year-old Farmer Sam

The Warm Welly Company has been supporting customers with kids at home during lockdown with a series of blogs with activities to do at home and lots of interaction with their customers on Facebook.

29 April 2020

​Things to keep the kids entertained outdoors Part 3

When you want to go for a walk and need to keep the kids entertained outdoors, we thought you’d love these ideas – many of which we used when our kids were little.

21 April 2020

How to keep the kids entertained and educated when stuck indoors Part 2

We love sharing ideas to keep the kids entertained when stuck indoors, so here are a few of the ideas we’ve found to create some magic.

02 April 2020