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Welcome to The Warm Welly Company - the home of Warm Wellies 

The idea of creating Warm Wellies for kids came from a very practical need – to stop our children getting ‘frozen toes’ when they were outside with us on the farm. Our aim was to create wellies that are warm and comfortable, so our kids could stay outdoors longer and enjoy their country life.

  • No more crying over cold feet
  • No more tingling toes

Wearing Warm Wellies means our kids will never have cold feet or frozen toes again.


I’m Simon Wood, and together with my wife Cookie, we moved to Hillfield Farm, Cumbria in 2000 to farm and raise our family.

As well as looking after 300 breeding sheep we also spent time enhancing our landscape with over 6,500 trees and 2.8km of hedges. We are honest, down to earth farmers with a strong family focus – pretty important when you have four children! When we moved here Chloe was just a baby, but our family quickly grew and we now also have Isabel and twin boys Archie and Tom.

kids on a wall

The children had to spend a lot of time outdoors with us and often complained about getting cold. We could never find wellies warm enough to stop the inevitable twining about frozen and tingly toes - no matter how many pairs of socks they wore. So, in 2006 we decided to do something about it.

At the time Chloe was 6, Isabel was 4, Archie and Tom were 2. No one could have a better incentive, or the practical hands on experience to develop Warm Wellies than us.

We set off on our  journey to  design and manufacture the first Neoprene lined wellies for kids. 

A decade later our range of Warm Wellies has expanded to include wellies for adults too. Our customers spend lots of time outdoors with their kids, they love puddles, rivers, mud and snow, and they also love the fact they stay warm and toasty too.

Our wellies are designed here on the farm in Cumbria then produced in China, with Simon overseeing production each time (where Covid-19 restrictions allow), before being shipped for distribution to our customers from the family farm in Cumbria, United Kingdom.

 If you have any problems or ideas for improvements – drop me a line.

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Simon Wood, The Farmer at Warm Wellies

PS. It’s a funny old world. In 1925 my Grandfather went to manage a rubber plantation in Malaya.

He ran the plantation until Malaya fell to the Japanese in 1942. Little did we know that years later, we would be using natural rubber to create our own warm wellies.

kids in the snow