Gardening Shoes

Gardening shoes for women and for men. Our garden shoes have that cosy warm feeling you get in Warm Wellies – but want something lighter and easy to slip on. We think this is the perfect outdoor shoe engineered for comfort and coping with rain too.


Made from natural rubber and lined with neoprene, we think these are the best gardening shoes for ladies and gents, they're just like waterproof outdoor slippers andideal for nipping across to the washing line, log shed, putting out the bins, doing the garden and ideal for the beach.


Simon and Cookie have been testing them out in the garden, across the woods and around the farm. In the autumn and winter when it's wet or frosty, these garden shoes come into their own.  In the spring they are perfect for getting to grips with the garden. We hope you love them.

If you love our gardening shoes - we hope you will also like our men's wellingtons and our ladies lined wellingtons too.

Gardening Shoes