Adult Wellies

We originally designed Warm Wellies for kids, but then adults started asked us for them too - so here we are!

Our Adult Warm Wellies offer unrivalled comfort and warmth because they are lined with 4mm of neoprene. They have been designed by Simon Wood, farmer and founder of the Warm Welly Company. Keen to produce warm, comfy durable wellies for all the family.

Our Adult welly range includes Field Wellies, Wider Fit wellies, Heavier Duty wellies (often worn by Simon and other farmers), and more recently, a new style - Short Wellies - preferred by Simon's wife Cookie.

Handcrafted, they are made from natural rubber which is better for the environment than synthetic or PVC rubber boots. Generously lined you will really feel the benefits of extra insulation and comfort. 

Adult Wellies