Purple Infant Warm Wellies (Sizes 9-13)


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These infant kid's wellies are handmade from natural rubber exclusively for The Warm Welly Company.

They are lined with 4mm neoprene to keep your child's feet warm and keep the cold out!

Hand stitched leather effect edging at the top of the boot and a reflective pull on/hanging loop.

"Our Grandchildren love these wellies. Second (bigger) pair for one of them as requested. I ordered a smaller size but as I pressed the button my daughter said get the size up. Contacted Warm Wellies & they sorted. Excellent wellies, excellent customer service. Thank you. "
Date Submitted - 05 May 2024
"Time will tell, but so far, these look to be a great find!"
Date Submitted - 29 Apr 2024
"Liliana has her boots on everyday out on the yard they really do everything you say they do "
Date Submitted - 12 Feb 2024
Date Submitted - 06 Feb 2024
Date Submitted - 06 Feb 2024
Date Submitted - 11 Jan 2024
"Great sturdy little wellies, just the job for a frosty morning at the local forest school."
Date Submitted - 10 Jan 2024
"Brilliant quality. Like the heel. Great small, local business."
Date Submitted - 29 Dec 2023
"My little girls wears them on adventures and has no complaints "
Date Submitted - 22 Dec 2023
"All absolutely brilliant as usual "
Date Submitted - 08 Dec 2023
"Bought these for my granddaughter who loves the colour. These keep her feet cosy and comfortable. Now her 2 nd pair. My only complaint is the heels wear down quite quickly. "
Date Submitted - 07 Dec 2023
"My kids love these Warm Wellies! Comfortable and the neoprene lining means their toes don't get cold, unlike most other welly brands which don't have lining in their boots. "
Date Submitted - 04 Dec 2023
"Pleased with warm wellies for our 4 year old daughter, second pair we have bought her now "
Date Submitted - 24 Nov 2023
"I bought these for my daughter as she loves to wear wellies. She has said that they are very comfortable and keep her feet toasty warm. They are a good size fit, well made and have a good amount of tread on them. Fast delivery Would recommend and buy again "
Date Submitted - 16 Nov 2023
"Bought for my daughter and im very happy with the quality and fit and they are keeping her warm which is great as she is outdoors most days!"
Date Submitted - 13 Nov 2023
"My daughter loves her new boots, living in Scotland these are much needed :)"
Date Submitted - 01 Nov 2023
"I have recently brought these wellies for all 4 of my kids and they are great!"
Date Submitted - 30 Oct 2023
"Bought these for my four year old as we live on a farm and all other wellies we have bought in the past end up with holes in the soles. They are fantastic quality, very sturdy, she has a good grip and so pleased that she won’t have cold feet through the winter. Thinking about getting myself a pair next ??"
Date Submitted - 19 Oct 2023
"we're on our 3rd pair and expect to keep sizing up. these are the best wellies there are: light, warm, easy to put on, good length and lovely colour. a simple product but excellent in so many ways."
Date Submitted - 11 Oct 2023
"My daughter has been wearing them for forest school and they have been great at keeping her feet warm. "
Date Submitted - 05 Apr 2023
"Great comfortable wellies for everyday wear. Keeps your feet cosy with one pair of socks like it says. My daughter loves them. "
Date Submitted - 13 Mar 2023
"Arrived well on time my child had no problems putting them on and so far nice warm Cosy feet."
Date Submitted - 12 Mar 2023
"Exceptionally quick delivery and great product!"
Date Submitted - 14 Feb 2023
"Hi this is the second pair we’ve had for my daughter, we were overwhelmed with the quality for the price but unfortunately this pair has caused a blister on my daughters heel , so only had them on once. They seem to be the correct size but just to tight on the heel , kind regards Paul cook"
Date Submitted - 29 Jan 2023
"Good quality material and they keep my granddaughters feet toasty "
Date Submitted - 13 Jan 2023
"Bought these for eldest she's always getting cold feet and no complaints since. Highly recommend "
Date Submitted - 07 Jan 2023
"My daughter has always had to wear 2/3 pairs of socks with her previous wellies as her feet get so cold. Bought her some of these infant warm wellies and they are amazing. We do lots of walking and these wellies are also super comfy and robust too. Highly recommended. "
Date Submitted - 24 Dec 2022
"We always buy warm wellies for our kids as they have needed them for forest school over the years. They are very durable and my son often wore them on non rainy days or when not at forest school so they must be comfy too! Well worth paying for as we have been able to pass them down to our youngest too"
Date Submitted - 14 Dec 2022
"This is the second pair of Warm Wellies my granddaughter has owned; the first were loved and worn almost daily and I am certain the recently bought larger-sized ones will be equally loved. Never any sweaty feet, always warm toes, and sufficient flexibility in their structure to allow confident outdoor play, whether it be climbing trees or practising balance skills on fallen tree trunks. "
Date Submitted - 05 Dec 2022
"Brilliant and great value. Thank you! "
Date Submitted - 27 Nov 2022
"My grandkids love their wellies. Great product at a good price. What's not to like!"
Date Submitted - 21 Nov 2022
"Good quality wellies and come up to a good height on the legs. My daughter finds the toe box area a bit tight depth wise so we’ve had to take the insole out for comfort. The front does dip down so not as roomy as other wellies we’ve had in the toes. She is a size 10.5 in trainers and I ordered size 11. Would definitely be too big length wise if I exchanged for size 12 though. "
Date Submitted - 21 Nov 2022
"These are the only wellies I’ve bought for my daughter, she’s 7 years old and has had only warm wellies. They get worn every day and are well used. She’s never complained of cold feet and are only replaced because they’re outgrown or totally worn out! The only wellies I trust!"
Date Submitted - 11 Nov 2022
"Lovely and warm but infant sizes heavy for a 4 year old "
Date Submitted - 09 Nov 2022
"I've had a look and they look great they are for my granddaughter in Scotland who does lots of outdoor activities so I'm sure they will be perfect for her. Many thanks. "
Date Submitted - 24 Oct 2022
Date Submitted - 24 Oct 2022
"Our daughter always complained of cold feet in other wellies. So glad we found these as since she can jump in cold. Puddles of water without our walks having to end early. "
Date Submitted - 22 Oct 2022
"I buy these again and again for my children and hand down the old sizes to friends and family. They are sturdy and just don’t break like other wellies! Love them so much! "
Date Submitted - 22 Oct 2022
"I buy these again and again for my children and hand down the old sizes to friends and family. They are sturdy and just don’t break like other wellies! Love them so much! "
Date Submitted - 22 Oct 2022
"My daughter loves these wellies. She goes to outdoor nursery in the Scottish Highlands so needs some cosy boots. This is the second pair that we have bought. Unfortunately on the first pair the heel wore down fairly quickly and a hole developed letting water in. I noticed that the same thing had happened on her friends boots aswell. Despite this we have opted to try them again as they are good value for money and my daughter loves them so much."
Date Submitted - 14 Oct 2022
"2nd pair and just as good"
Date Submitted - 04 Oct 2022
"Had these recommended by a forest school, chuffed to bits with them so far."
Date Submitted - 13 Jul 2022
"These are an excellent fit "
Date Submitted - 07 Mar 2022
"Brought for my daughter as we live in wellies how ever they are small sizes daughter is 12.5 so brought a 13 and they have too small and have rubbed she wore them for half a day so too late to return "
Date Submitted - 27 Feb 2022
"Excellent boots"
Date Submitted - 10 Feb 2022
"Excellent, comfortable and hard wearing boots. My daughter loves them."
Date Submitted - 10 Feb 2022
"Kept her feet warm and you could tell they fitted well and were comfortable they way she was running around. "
Date Submitted - 06 Feb 2022
"These wellies are great for kids, no need to put on thermal socks in the morning and robust. We'd really like to see a re-tread service and a closed-loop recycling service though."
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2022
"These wellies are great for kids, no need to put on thermal socks in the morning and robust. We'd really like to see a re-tread service and a closed-loop recycling service though."
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2022
"Not tried yet but I live the ones I got for myself so I think she will too :)"
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2022
"2nd pair I've brought for my granddaughter absolutely love them we personalise them using acrylic pens !"
Date Submitted - 28 Jan 2022
"Comfy and warm"
Date Submitted - 10 Jan 2022
"Comfy and warm"
Date Submitted - 10 Jan 2022
"My granddaughter loves her new comfy, cosy, purple wellies."
Date Submitted - 02 Jan 2022
"Excellent so far"
Date Submitted - 31 Dec 2021
"Very easy for my 4 yr old to pull on by himself"
Date Submitted - 26 Dec 2021
"Great for, really good quality."
Date Submitted - 14 Nov 2021
"These are excellent quality and the kids have said they are very comfy. Have not tested the cold yet but they feel like they will do the job!"
Date Submitted - 08 Nov 2021
"Great quality and fit. My daughter found them comfy and warm."
Date Submitted - 28 Oct 2021
"My daughter loves these, she wears little else on her feet since receiving them!"
Date Submitted - 07 Oct 2021
"The best wellies for children!"
Date Submitted - 07 Sep 2021
"My daughter loves these wellies, comfortable and great quality!"
Date Submitted - 12 Aug 2021
"I love these wellie boots! They keep your child’s feet warm and fully waterproof, no leaks! My daughter has worn these day in and day out over the winter months and despite being used heavily and slightly chewed by our new puppy, they have remained fully waterproof and functional. We love them and don’t buy any other types of wellies for our children now. Highly recommend them to any parent."
Date Submitted - 29 May 2021
"Great service, very high quality product. Daughter hasn’t had them off since she got them. "
Date Submitted - 28 May 2021
"Lovely wellies! Got the purple ones for my 3 year old daughter, and they fit perfectly! Haven't tested in the cold yet, but great for being on the farm!"
Date Submitted - 10 May 2021
"Genuinely the best wellies!! We've been through 3 sizes so far for both our children. They wear them all day at preschool and their feet are always warm and dry. Highly recommend!"
Date Submitted - 09 Apr 2021
"My daughter lives on wellies and there are the best one we had. very comfortable, keeps her feet warm and looks good too. Can't comment on durability as this is our first pair but looks sturdy and hope to last long. My daughter even left review on youtube."
Date Submitted - 23 Mar 2021
"Wow, I bought the purple infant wellies for my son and he loves them. I got the size up from his normal size and they fit perfectly. He can walk and run for miles in them and his feet stay cozy and warm. Amazing. "
Date Submitted - 21 Mar 2021
"5* totally recommend your product and cannot wait till the men’s and ladies are back in stock and can get some for us as little girl hasn’t had them off her feet since getting them. "
Date Submitted - 23 Feb 2021
"Truly fantastic wellies, we are on our second pair now as my daughter's feet grow. Super cosy toes even in snowy freezing weather. Also, she loves the colour - purple! We will be loyally buying these in the next size up every time as they have been such a hit. Thank you!"
Date Submitted - 16 Feb 2021
"Very well made, warm, snug and well fitting. Colour just right. Really liked by grandaughter."
Date Submitted - 15 Feb 2021
"Great welies, Kids love them!"
Date Submitted - 14 Feb 2021
"Yes very warm and strong and my greatgranddaughter loves her favourite colour"
Date Submitted - 10 Feb 2021
"My 3 year old daughter’s feet are much warmer for Forest School - she never complains about them being cold now. The wellies are quite slim fitting compared to her last ones, which means you need to size up if you want to wear thick socks too, but I think the slim fit keeps their feet warmer anyway. Amazing service and quick delivery too!"
Date Submitted - 10 Feb 2021
"amazing! Warm Wellies = happy children = lots of time walking in nature = happy Mummy!"
Date Submitted - 09 Feb 2021
"Bought a pair for my 8yr daughter. Perfect - warm, comfortable and light. "
Date Submitted - 07 Feb 2021
Date Submitted - 04 Feb 2021
"I bought these for my granddaughter and she loves them and she is so pleased with the colour and how warm they are! Her sister has wellie envy so I’m thinking I’ll be buying another pair for her in a few weeks! "
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2021
"I bought the child’s wellingtons for my niece who just loves jumping in puddles and getting very wet feet! These wellingtons are excellent, much higher than other brands, very warm and comfortable for walking in. Today she walked 3.4 miles in them! Will buy again when she grows out of them."
Date Submitted - 22 Jan 2021
"Super warm and comfortable! "
Date Submitted - 17 Jan 2021
"My granddaughter loves these wellies, they’re very well made & are so warm & comfy."
Date Submitted - 27 Jun 2020
"Fantastically well made welly, kids will not take them off,,like a pair of slippers..very highly recommended"
Date Submitted - 21 Jun 2020
"These came highly recommended by several friends. My little girl goes through cheap ones so quickly that it was a false economy. Will be buying again for my little boy once he grows out of/ destroys his current ones!"
Date Submitted - 02 Jan 2020
"Great Wellies, great service.."
Date Submitted - 31 Dec 2019
"Excellent quality, fit as expected, lovely colour. In my mind 'infant' means 'baby', but the size 11s fit both my 3.5-year-old twins beautifully, with room to grow. I called with an enquiry and Simon was very helpful and kind, and prompt to reply by email too. I heartily recommend."
Date Submitted - 24 Dec 2019
"My daughter loves her new wellies. They are warm and very comfortable and... purple! She attends an outdoor nursery in Scotland and never has cold feet anymore."
Date Submitted - 23 Dec 2019
"Excellent product, good service, will be buying from you again"
Date Submitted - 23 Dec 2019
"Great they come up to the knee unlike most wellies for kids and provide warmth along with dry feet."
Date Submitted - 15 Dec 2019
"I ordered a size too big, but am keeping them as my daughter will obviously grow into them (have bought a secondhand pair of snow-boots for her in the meantime.) Will definitely recommend Warm Wellies to friends."
Date Submitted - 28 Nov 2019
"As I've said before, the only wellies for children. Never heard a moan about cold feet and love the durability."
Date Submitted - 02 Nov 2019
"My 4 year old daughter is in love with her new wellies. She insists on wearing them often even if it’s not raining! Functionally, they are perfect for our outside-in-any-weather mentality. Very happy with this purchase."
Date Submitted - 14 Oct 2019
"These are the second pair I’ve bought for my daughter as she has been in them since she could walk. Fab quality, great colour and never once has she complained of cold feet. Her old pair are now on their way to my friends little girl ready for the winter ahead. We spend hours outside and the quality of them is fantastic. Best wellies around, highly recommend."
Date Submitted - 07 Oct 2019
"Excellent quality and very comfortable"
Date Submitted - 30 Sep 2019
"Great service. And I love that they last. I’ve just handed on a pair to their third happy owner."
Date Submitted - 19 Sep 2019
"We love these wellies!!! They are warm, comfortable and fantastic quality. So impressed after buying many other poor quality wellies with cold little feet we will now only buy from warm wellies."
Date Submitted - 12 Dec 2018
"Little boy loves them- they are. sturdy, comfortable and warm. Happy feet!"
Date Submitted - 11 Nov 2018
"Love these wellies! My 3 year old goes to outside forest nursery and these have been amazing throughout all weathers of the year, we're now on our next size up! Would be nice for maybe a couple more colour options?"
Date Submitted - 28 Sep 2018
"Fab quality no more cold toes will be buying some for myself."
Date Submitted - 29 Apr 2018
"I've bought these wellies for my two daughters. They love how comfortable and warm these are. They were both suffering with cold feet in the snow and with these they didn't complain once and their feet were toasty warm after sledging. They are a lovely sturdy welly and we love the colour too."
Date Submitted - 23 Mar 2018
"This is the 3rd pair iv bought for my child best wellies on the market"
Date Submitted - 22 Mar 2018
"Brilliant, no cold toes here"
Date Submitted - 23 Feb 2018
"Perfect. My daughters are very happy."
Date Submitted - 18 Feb 2018
"My 6 year old loves these wellies! They are warm and comfortable and they have now climbed a mountain in the snow in Romania! The best kids wellies yet!"
Date Submitted - 09 Jan 2018
"Very happy with these wellies, i have bought four pairs now for my children, they are so warm, kept their feet warm in all the snow that we've had, excellent quality, loads of wear left in them to pass down to other children. Can't fault them."
Date Submitted - 04 Jan 2018
"These are the best kids wellies I’ve found. We spend a lot of time outdoors walking the dog and looking after the horses and my little girl has never complained about cold feet once. We are now on our 2nd pair and will be getting more."
Date Submitted - 04 Jan 2018
"These are the best warm children's wellies that I have found. Since wearing these my 2 and 5 year old have never had cold feet and they are so much more usable than snow boots. Fantastic and something that will be a staple in my children's wardrobes for many years to come."
Date Submitted - 27 Dec 2017
"From ordering our granddaughters warm wellies to receiving them the service was excellent,delivery was very quick and the hand written note with my order was a lovely personal touch .The wellies are excellent,great quality and like the bane says,no more cold feet .I have started recommending Warm Wellies to all family and friends and the local forest school,I will definitely be ordering more x"
Date Submitted - 25 Dec 2017
"Amazing boots. My daughters 2nd pair, only grew out of the first ones. They are warm and really hard wearing. My children wouldn't wear anything else. Never had a complaint of cold feet."
Date Submitted - 20 Dec 2017
"Seemed very good, they are on the way to the Falkland Islands as a present, so will probably get lots of wear"
Date Submitted - 21 Nov 2017
"Not only the wellies warm and comfy but the service from the company is outstanding. A real rarity in this day and age."
Date Submitted - 11 Nov 2017
"They do what it says on the tin really. They're welllies, purple and warm. The customer service is great if you need to use it. The wellies themselves will last through the growth of your child's feet and possibly in to another child. We live in Wales so wellies are a part of life."
Date Submitted - 18 Oct 2017
"Great product. Does what you need. Don't cut corners, not worth it."
Date Submitted - 15 Sep 2017
"My daughter who always complained of cold feet loves these wellies, really comfortable and seem very well made."
Date Submitted - 04 Jan 2017
"My daughter loves these wellies. They are really warm and comfy and look really nice on."
Date Submitted - 07 Dec 2016

Delivery Information

All goods will be dispatched within 5 working days from the date of the order being placed, however we usually aim to dispatch orders within 2 working days.

We can offer you two different choices for delivery:

  • Royal Mail Tracked 48 (3-5 working days) - £4.50 for the first pair of wellies and £1.50 for each extra pair.
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Size Guide

Generally we would recommend that you buy one size larger than your child's shoe size. However if you want to double check, stand your child on a ruler or tape measure and compare the length of the foot with the chart below:

UK Size Euro Size Internal Height (cms) Insole Length (cms) Calf Size (cms) Weight/Pair (kg)
9 26/27 18.5 17.7 26.5 0.84
10 28 23 18.5 27.5 1.04
11 29 23 19.7 28.5 1.08
12 30/31 25 20.1 29.5 1.12
13 32 28 21 30.5 1.2



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