Green Toddler Warm Wellies (Sizes 6-8)


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These junior kid's wellies are handmade from natural rubber exclusively for The Warm Welly Company. They are lined with 4mm neoprene to keep your child's feet warm and keep the cold out! Hand stitched leather effect edging at the top of the boot with a reflective pull on/hanging loop.

"We bought these for our 2 year old who lives in wellies and we were looking for something that was a bit warmer and a bit more robust than most toddler wellies and well what can I say other than these are perfect "
Date Submitted - 26 Feb 2024
"My son is so happy in them, we can get him out of them! He’s never reacted to any welly or shoe in the same way so I think it’s safe to say, they are a fantastic pair and we will be coming back for more!"
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2024
"My son is much warmer at forest and nursery in these. The staff were very impressed too. In time I will buy more for the rest of the family "
Date Submitted - 31 Jan 2024
"My son loves his new wellies. He goes to forest school so is sometimes in them for quite a while and on quite cold days and these have definitly helped keep his feet warmer. "
Date Submitted - 25 Jan 2024
"These wellies arrived earlier than expected. Which was great. My son absolutely loves these and wears them everyday. The wellies are of excellent quality and I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you "
Date Submitted - 19 Jan 2024
"Love them more importantly my 2 year old does and keeps his little toes toasty warm!! "
Date Submitted - 17 Jan 2024
"Really impressed with the quality of these wellies. I will now only ever buy Warm Wellies for my children."
Date Submitted - 06 Jan 2024
"Amazing wellies second time buying them and will keep buying them in the future!"
Date Submitted - 05 Jan 2024
Date Submitted - 04 Jan 2024
"Game changer no more cold feet,no more crying about cold feet"
Date Submitted - 03 Jan 2024
"Brilliant wellies Will defo buy again "
Date Submitted - 02 Jan 2024
"Bought these wellies for my toddler who is 3. I was getting fed up of him complaining of cold feet in cheap wellies. Since getting these he hasn’t complained once. They are sturdy and well made too. Easy for him to get off which is another plus. "
Date Submitted - 28 Dec 2023
"Bought these for my 2.5 year old who gets dragged on two hour dog walks each day. Initially I was a bit concerned that the wellies were quite heavy, but we've had no complaints or issues with tripping so that's fine. And crucially, when taking them off his feet are warm. Absolutely recommend. "
Date Submitted - 26 Dec 2023
"Bought as a gift. Recipient happy. "
Date Submitted - 25 Dec 2023
"Brought some for these for my 3 year old, best wellies he’s had! He’s feet are warm and dry! "
Date Submitted - 03 Dec 2023
"These are recommended and have not disappointed. Very sturdy and warm and wash great. Shall repurchase "
Date Submitted - 01 Dec 2023
"My little boy is quite fussy and he is so pleased with these wellies for winter wear so they must be warm and comfy. They are sturdy and well made, thank you"
Date Submitted - 18 Nov 2023
"Very happy with my toddlers first pair of wellies. He has to spend a reasonable amount of time in them while I care for my horse and his feet are always toasty. They look great too!"
Date Submitted - 17 Nov 2023
"Grandson loves his new wellies"
Date Submitted - 11 Nov 2023
"As a farming family the cheap wellies you can buy in the supermarkets are ok for warmer wet weather but we wouldn’t be without the warm wellies for long winter days they are the perfect footwear"
Date Submitted - 10 Nov 2023
"With 3 young boys I have tried multiple wellies and the boys either found them cold or they cracked easily. I then had a few people recommend these so have tried our first pair and I’m so impressed with the quality. My son says they’re comfy and he hasn’t got cold toes yet. Will be buying them for my other sons now too. "
Date Submitted - 25 Oct 2023
"My grandson loves his new warm wellies!!"
Date Submitted - 19 Oct 2023
"Very impressed with the new boots, my daughter loves them! Great quality, really sturdy sole, proper boots!"
Date Submitted - 11 Sep 2023
"I bought these wellies for my 2 year old grandson, he loves them and when you take them off after he’s been outside splashing in whatever water he can find! his feet are cosy warm x excellent buy x "
Date Submitted - 03 Mar 2023
"Bought these wellies for my grandson. He loves them so much it’s a struggle to get them off him when he comes back indoors. They also keep his feet warm. "
Date Submitted - 07 Feb 2023
"My toddler seems to love these wellies, and they've provided an excellent gateway to his first puddle jumping! His feet always seem warm afterwards. My only slight quibble is that they're quite tight on his shins such that any trousers have to be rolled up - I wonder if this is just a toddler dimension thing of shin width to foot length ratio being quite different from adults? Doesn't seem to cause a big problem, though"
Date Submitted - 04 Jan 2023
"Lovely product. Big hit with our choosy 3-year old. Quick delivery in recyclable packaging. Would recommend."
Date Submitted - 03 Jan 2023
"Keeping my son's feet warm. Excellent service and delivery. Good quality boots. Warm wellies have not let us down yet."
Date Submitted - 27 Dec 2022
"Instantly I could tell these were top quality boots. I was worried they might be a bit heavy for my little grandson, but they are fine. I'm sure they will keep his feet warm and dry at his outdoor nursery. "
Date Submitted - 26 Dec 2022
"These are good, well made products. I bought a pair for my 2 year son which came up small so bought the next size up. He doesn’t like wearing them much, potentially as material is less flexible than other wellies. But I could be because he is 2!"
Date Submitted - 17 Dec 2022
"Great wellies. Lovely and warm in the snow for the big lad!"
Date Submitted - 13 Dec 2022
"Look to be an excellent sturdy product but both pairs for my sons seem a bit small so recommended ordering the size above. "
Date Submitted - 07 Nov 2022
"Loved these. I ordered a size 7 for my 3yr old daughter. Incredible product for the price. Super hard wearing, comfortable and guaranteed to keep my dinkie dots feet warm this winter! "
Date Submitted - 07 Nov 2022
"Good service. Good product "
Date Submitted - 03 Nov 2022
"Ordering easy, quick delivery, great wellies"
Date Submitted - 01 Nov 2022
"Excellent quality. Ideal for keeping grandson's feet perfectly dry at his outdoor nursery. "
Date Submitted - 16 Oct 2022
"Excellent service arrived with in 48 hrs of ordering. My grandson nearly 2 walks in them very well and so far feet are cosy. Will buy again. Will also look when it's my turn for new wellies so will buy again. Thank you."
Date Submitted - 12 Oct 2022
"Love these wellies. Perfect fit for my little one. Kept his toes toastie and kept his feet dry. Will definitely stick with this brand now "
Date Submitted - 11 Oct 2022
"Excellent quality. Our Three year old was delighted and said it was “just what he needed”."
Date Submitted - 03 Sep 2022
"I've been buying these wellies for my 3 children for years, they are great. Toasty warm feet even in winter. Just perfect."
Date Submitted - 03 Aug 2022
"So pleased with these wellies i have ordered a bigger size for when he grows out of them. Super fast delivery too. Thank you!!!"
Date Submitted - 06 Jun 2022
"Best wellies out there by far "
Date Submitted - 12 Feb 2022
"Our youngest was complaining about his cold toes when he was in the back pack carrier. We had brought him some cute bug wellies, but even with a thick sock, his feet were like ice when we got home. We have tried him in his new warm wellies twice now and no complaints from him and toasty toes when we get home. Winner! "
Date Submitted - 09 Feb 2022
"Perfect for a child really warm and fit well "
Date Submitted - 29 Jan 2022
"My three year old grandson loves his warm wellies. They really keep his feet warmer than usual wellies."
Date Submitted - 26 Jan 2022
"Great quality, super warm and durable. Will be buying each size as she grows up! "
Date Submitted - 22 Jan 2022
"My grandson loves them - seem to keep his feet warm, and he can move freely in them. He had been used to short wellies, so initially took a while to put on but all fine after first try."
Date Submitted - 21 Jan 2022
"My toddlers feet at so cozy and warm with just normal socks on after a day at forest school, best wellies for keeping feet warm! "
Date Submitted - 21 Jan 2022
"Perfect fit! "
Date Submitted - 14 Jan 2022
"My two year old son has been wearing the toddler wellies on our farm. I have just bought the next size up. I'd say they are true to size. He seems happy in them."
Date Submitted - 03 Jan 2022
"Great! "
Date Submitted - 02 Jan 2022
"Great! "
Date Submitted - 02 Jan 2022
"Excellent so far"
Date Submitted - 31 Dec 2021
"My toddler absolutely loves these boots, nice sizing and fit with being extremely cozy. Would Recommend."
Date Submitted - 19 Nov 2021
"Fantastic. Very happy little boy (and parents!). Really good quality, excellent for plodding around the fields all day. "
Date Submitted - 15 Nov 2021
Date Submitted - 18 Oct 2021
"Very happy with the wellies "
Date Submitted - 18 Oct 2021
"Best wellies I have ever brought for my child. Can't wait to order myself a matching pair. "
Date Submitted - 20 Jul 2021
"Amazing wellies! Delivered on time and quickly as promised. Extremely helpful and efficient customer service. Would highly recommend! Thank you! "
Date Submitted - 15 Jul 2021
"Second pair of warm wellies for my grandson, the first pair he has worn for months and months, just needed a larger pair now. They have been brilliant wellies, he wears them a lot and they have lasted really well and kept his feet warmer and drier than ordinary wellies-unless he wades in the sea but he does like to do this! "
Date Submitted - 05 Jul 2021
"First bought these for my 4 year old, LOVED them, warm, great fit, hard wearing and easy for them to put on themselves. Just got for my almost 2 year old. Going to invest in a pair for myself this winter! Highly recommend "
Date Submitted - 02 May 2021
"We are really happy with the wellies we have bought for our toddler. They are very sturdy and I think they will last a long time. We would recommend the brand to other families. "
Date Submitted - 24 Apr 2021
"Brilliant wellies! We are in the middle of lambing and both my daughters are thoroughly putting their new wellies through their paces. Warm, comfy and very smart, with a jealous adults too!! Great value for money, well done guys!"
Date Submitted - 13 Apr 2021
"Excellent wellies! Bought size 7 - green colour, for my toddler and she loves them. Fit perfectly, easy to pull on and take off. It kept her little feet nice and toasty in colder days with just one pair of thin socks. Good quality. Overall very happy with the purchase. "
Date Submitted - 12 Apr 2021
"Excellent wellies. This is our second pair. My son is at Forest School and they’ve kept him warm and dry over winter. They’re long lasting, great quality. Also, I was really pleased with the customer service, helping me to find the right size."
Date Submitted - 08 Apr 2021
"Absolutely amazing wellies!! Highly recommend! "
Date Submitted - 11 Feb 2021
"Great quality boots that keep my daughter's feet nice and warm. "
Date Submitted - 04 Feb 2021
"The purchase i made for my 2yr old daughter from warm wellies has been the best one yet! Before these boots we would be limited on the amount of time we could be outside before her feet would be so cold the result would be tears. I found your company by chance on the web and have been recommending to everyone since. I knew Warm Welly Company boots were great when we got home from an hours walk on a very cold day and my daughter said 'mummy these welly's keep me happy don't they!!' 5 Stars!!"
Date Submitted - 30 Jan 2021
"Perfect for our 2 year old - he puts them on at every opportunity"
Date Submitted - 28 Jan 2021
"Great wellies, my son loves them and they keep his feet nice and warm"
Date Submitted - 27 Jan 2021
"Thumbs up from toddler, tried for size & kept them on all day inside & out! Fab insulated wellies, should combat cold feet! Thank you."
Date Submitted - 21 Jan 2021
"my grandson loved them and thought them super comfortable, waded through a stream to squeals of delight"
Date Submitted - 14 Aug 2020
"These have been warm and so comfortable for my toddler"
Date Submitted - 24 Jul 2020
"Keep buying these every time my daughters feet grow. They are the best boots I’ve found on the market."
Date Submitted - 23 Jul 2020
"My grandson’s second pair! They are lovely and warm in the winter, so I never need to worry about frozen toes. As perfect when they grow out of them as when they were bought so hopefully, there’s someone you can pass them on to. My grandson has very wide feet and a high instep and these are the only wellies I could find that he could get his feet into. My only gripe is that postage isn’t paid if you need to return them - and they’re very heavy!"
Date Submitted - 08 Jul 2020
"Robust, warm, not slippy in mud, no complaints of cold or blisters even with just one pair of socks"
Date Submitted - 06 Jan 2020
"Best wellies ever. Bought for my youngest granddaughter who is heavy on footwear. Loves her warm green wellies. Happy grandma!"
Date Submitted - 04 Dec 2019
"FINALLY a pair of wellies that fit well, are warm, have decent soles, and don't split! We will definitely be buying these again size after size. Great for winter too as snow boots and puddles are never a good combo. Thank you Warm Welly Co. A very happy customer. :-)"
Date Submitted - 18 Nov 2019
"Love love love them, her feet no longer come out cold and wet just warm and dry. From long days in the dairy to market and then doing the horses they've keep the keenest puddle wallower dry and warm. Very pleased"
Date Submitted - 05 Nov 2019
"I recently purchased a pair of warm wellies for my 2 year old after a recommendation. He is absolutely thrilled with them. He can easily get them on and off independently and seems to love wearing them. They look great and seem to be nice and comfortable for him. He's had other wellies from leading toddler brands but to be honest these are much better. Happy customers!"
Date Submitted - 07 Apr 2019
"My toddler usually refuses to wear boots but these have changed his mind- great quality and clearly comfy."
Date Submitted - 11 Nov 2018
"Love the wellies and have bought several pairs through the years. Wondered if the heels could be made of stiffer plastic as they start to wear within one or two uses and go down (as do the grips) to nothing extremely quickly which then makes for bad walking conditions for the kids. I think the value for money is great and they are always warm but i’d love it if this wS improves."
Date Submitted - 04 Sep 2018
"The wellies are fab! Great quality, great product, speedy delivery"
Date Submitted - 14 Mar 2018
"My 18month old absolutely loves these wellies! They keep his feet really warm!"
Date Submitted - 06 Mar 2018
"I bought these for my 2 year old who has just started at forest nursery. They have been great, no cold toes!!"
Date Submitted - 26 Feb 2018
"My daughters go to an outdoor forest nursery and wear them throughout the year. They are hard wearing and warm. I did have a problem with one pair but they were immediately replaced so great customer service too."
Date Submitted - 07 Feb 2018
"These are really fab. And great value for the price. I work with 2 and 3 year olds doing forest school, so I have seen a lot of different wellies and snow boots. These are really warm and fully waterproof. Perfect"
Date Submitted - 07 Feb 2018
"We've only used it once so far, but the carer at the forest school fed back that my son was feeling warm when she changed his nappy. Seems to be a success! =)"
Date Submitted - 13 Jan 2018
"High quality product received in good time."
Date Submitted - 05 Jan 2018
"Got these wellies for our son who loves being outdoors, they’re great and keep his feet warm and dry, not too Heavey and he is happy with I wear them!!"
Date Submitted - 26 Dec 2017
"My toddler loves them!"
Date Submitted - 05 Dec 2017
"My 17 month old son 'loves them', he has size 5G shoes so is wide fitting and he has no problems putting these on at all, however I have a problem getting them back off him!!"
Date Submitted - 20 Nov 2017
"Excellent for 2 year old with wide size h feet"
Date Submitted - 08 Nov 2017

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UK Size Euro Size Internal Height (cms) Insole Length (cms) Calf Size (cms) Weight/Pair (kg)
6 23 16 15.1 22.5 0.73
7 24 17 16 24.5 0.78
8 25 17 16.8 25 0.8


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