Beth Withers in the Farmers Guardian


Beth Withers from Tractor Tots has an active young family that loves to be on the farm. She has her own business - Tractor Tots and has also been profiled in the Farmers Guardian. We sent her some wellies to try - a pair for her and her husband as well as the kids. This is what she said:

I stumbled across Warm wellies when I was searching for just that - some wellies that actually keep your feet warm. Being outdoors in all weathers means that having warm feet is an essential for all the family. 

 I’m not sure if it’s a farmer thing, an outdoorsy thing or just something you do out of habit but, my husband wears two pairs of socks. One pair of thin socks, followed by one pair of thick socks, pretty much every day of the year to ensure his feet stay warm. Despite his double sock trick, he still really struggles with cold feet during the winter. He has tried many different welly brands but none seem to quite have the edge on Jack Frost. 

 When I started reading into Warm Wellies I learned all about the founders, Simon and his family. Sheep farmers from Cumbria, with four children in tow, they had a lot of cold feet to deal with. They decided to take a venture into wellies and design something that would be fit for all the farming family with the aim of having warm feet at the heart of the product. 

 We also have 3 boys, two of which are toddlers so I can certainly relate to kids with cold feet. It takes a long time for us to get into our winter gear and it’s important (for my sanity if nothing else) that once we do get outside everybody is comfy and warm. 

 When we selected our warm wellies, we went for a couple of different options. The toddlers have both had the green version. There is a reflective strip along the pull-on tab which is a lovely detail for spotting the kids on those darker nights. 

I have a pair of the green field boots. With a 4mm neoprene lining, there is no need for me to have two pairs of socks! Out of all of us, my husband wears his wellies the most and is definitely the one who spends the most time in the cow pen. For him, I opted for the heavy-duty version. He doesn’t carry any weight on his legs so the adjustable calf strap is really important for him to be able to tighten the wellies. 

 We have been wearing our wellies as a family for over six months and as of yet, not a complaint from any child. They are wearing well on the farm, super comfy and definitely fulfilling their name of being warm. It isn’t easy juggling the needs of little ones with a demanding outdoor job. Having the right kit lifts a weight off my shoulders, and let’s face it happy children makes happy parents. With Tractor Tots hats on their heads and Warm Wellies on their feet, we have a match made in heaven. Bring on the puddles!