​Things to keep the kids entertained outdoors - Part 3

When you want to go for a walk and need to keep the kids entertained outdoors, we thought you’d love these ideas – many of which we used when our kids were little.

We’re going on a Treasure Hunt…

If you have to take the same old route time and time again, why not download our Earth Day Scavenger Hunt sheet when you go for a walk?

There are 16 different animals and plants to look out for – and if you have one of our Warm Wellies boxes, you can collect the treasure and bring it home. When our kids were little we used to take carrier bags out on our walks and see what treasure we could find.

If you can’t get out to the country, we’ve found this useful guide to foraging in towns and cities Foraging in towns and cities – why not download it. Or better still, it may give you ideas to create your own sheets too.

Here’s a great link to other spotting sheets – Wildlifewatch spotting sheets

Make use of those toilet rolls

There are so many inspirational ideas of how to make use of all those toilet roll middles! From floral decorations to making bird feeders – use peanut butter to make the seeds stick – a great idea we spotted on the Woodland Trust page.

Wellies next to toilet rolls
Cardboard art

Give Nature a helping Hand – go green

In Celebration of World Earth Day, we thought this was a crafty idea for making a palm print. Find a large leaf, draw your in pen around your hand then cut out your palm print, paint it and stick it on a sheet of paper.

We found this idea on Mother Natured website – there are lots of other craft ideas you may like there too: Mother Natured crafty website

Woodland Trust top tips for the garden

Did you know the UK’s gardens cover a combined landmass that’s bigger than the Lake District and Peak District put together? We love these tips for keeping your own garden environmentally friendly, from creating a hedgehog home to encouraging bees: Woodland Trust - 10 top tips for environmentally-friendly-gardening

Painting leaves