The best toddler wellies for wide feet

Discover the best toddler wellies you can find for wider feet - warm and very cosy with a neoprene lining

Getting the right fit wellies

Toddlers with wide feet need good wellies – that’s why our toddler Warm Wellies are designed with tots feet in mind. Thin soles, flat pumps, or badly fitting wellies won’t do toddler feet any good. Getting the footwork right is something Simon Wood has concentrated on when designing his toddler wellies for his business -  “The Warm Welly Company.”

Toddler graduated heel

Shaped toes and heels

Why do we have shaped toes and heels on our little warm wellies? Toddlers are just that – they totter and waddle about and are not as sure on their feet as older kids. That’s why we shaped the toes and heels at an angle to help them make the right steps. 

One or two Mums who thought the soles hadn't worn very well – but when they realised we shaped the bottom of the wellies, they agreed it was a good idea.

Wide fit

We’re often asked if our wellies are ok for wider feet – sometimes Mums can’t get wellies that are a wide fit but still small enough for tiny feet. The width of our wellies has never been a problem – and we see more and more Mums coming to us because their little ones have wide feet.It is said that young feet grow on average by 9 sizes in their first three years, but actually, from 1 – 2 years the average child will only grow 2 shoe sizes. You may find you outgrow shoes very quickly at the start. That’s one if the reasons our welly sizes don’t start until size 6. It has been said that between the age of 3 – 6 a child’s foot grows on average by 1mm per month. *. You will find our toddler wellies have plenty of room and Mums tell us they last as long (if not longer), as standard wellies.

Naturally yours – we have been working very hard to make sure we are as environmentally friendly as possible. The majority of wellies are made overseas, but we do ensure our wellies are produced using NATURAL RUBBER. No PVC or synthetic boots! Our Warm Wellies are also hand made and we check the welfare of the people who are making them. Simon normally visits the factories when our wellies are being produced, but as a result of Covid, that hasn’t happened for a while, but he will be going back out to China when things settle down.

No more plastic - We’ve also cut out plastic by designing and producing special boxes for wellies that can be labelled and delivered to you with as little extra packaging as possible. What’s more, toddlers and little ones love the boxes for recycling – we know they get used for everything from a treasure chest to turning the boxes into boats!

Worth the wait and weight - We always try to keep plenty of stock of our toddler wellies, because we think it is the most important pair of wellies little ones will ever own. They are a little heavier than the thin, cotton lined wellies you find on the high street, but that’s because of the neoprene lining which keeps toes nice and warm. And THAT is such a brilliant benefit that any Mum with kids who love the outdoors will appreciate.

Height of wellies – just so you know, we measure the height of the wellies from the inside of the sole – that way you will know how far up the leg they come. Size 6 measures 16cm in height and the 7 & 8’s measure 17cm – to allow for slightly longer legs.

Safety first – it may be last on this list, but Mums do appreciate the reflective loops on the back of our kid's wellies – easy to spot in the dusk and dark.

Outdoor schools love our wellies – yes, we are very proud to be on the kit list of numerous outdoor schools. From Little Forest Folk down in London, to the Woodland Outdoor Kindergarten in Glasgow and lots in between. We like to think that if a forest school (or school with lots of outdoor learning) likes to see their pupils in our warm wellies – they must be doing a good job.

Sturdy, long lasting, good grips, super warm and cosy and of course, waterproof too. No more frozen toes when you wear Warm Wellies.

*Market Wired – tips for buying kids shoes 2012.