How to keep the kids entertained and educated when stuck indoors - Part 2

We love sharing ideas to keep the kids entertained when stuck indoors, so here are a few of the ideas we’ve found to create some magic.

Make a family tree – what better time to discover your family history – and you could use your own thumb print to make your mark. It’s HISTORY in the making. How many of us have sat down with Grandparents and heard stories about our elders? It’s a great time to piece together your history.

Handmade family tree

Colourful carrot top – when we were little we were fascinated hot they kept growing. In a matter of days, the carrot tops will grow, and eventually have pretty white flowers if you keep them going long enough. But please do make sure the kids know they won’t grow actual carrots.

Send for some seeds (and compost) plant herbs and flowers – you will have time to watch them grow. Picture this: Take pictures of your seeds as they grow over time – and practice how to take pictures that look different – then create your own video. There are lots of ways you can do this on your phone and computer – or have a look for a how-to video on You Tube.

Carrot top


Get crafty:


Bracelets: Have you any wool or string hanging around? We spotted this quick and easy craft bracelet from Molly Moor Crafts – worth a go.

Plants in tins

Recycle tins: And if you are fond of painting, why not recycle the tinned tomato tins and make them into flower or herb pots for your.

Painted stones

Paint a stone: If you’ve had chance to collect any stones from your daily walks, you could paint them for a garden display – we like the Garden Rock Caterpillar from Nellie Bellie.

Wellies with flowers in

Garden growing? Recycle wellies you’ve outgrown – we’ve planted primroses, rockery plants and have also planted seeds to see what happens. One spare has been used as a bird feeder – but we don’t expect many of you will have pheasants in the garden!