how to dry out your wet wellies

Kids in big field puddle

Warm wellies are great – but they still won’t stop water pouring in if you get knee deep in water. 'How do you dry warm wellies?' is a question we’re often asked, so we thought we’d share some of our tips with you.

When we were kids we used to love walking into ponds and rivers, wading in as far as possible daring to see how far we could go without getting waterlogged wellies. I’m sure you and your kids have all done this too. Needless to say, the water pours over the tops and our feet get wet.

‘When I was a lad’, all we needed was a towel to dry the wellies out. But that was in the days before neoprene lined wellies.

As you’ll know, neoprene lined wellies take more drying out. Our wellies have 4mm of neoprene lining – great for insulation but it makes them harder to dry out.

What to do when your neoprene lined wellies get wet inside

If you are lucky and have an Aga cooker or similar range, you can stand your boots upside down (or the right way up), in front of the cooker quite easily, letting the heat radiate across. The same principle applies to leaving in a warm utility room, or in front of a radiator.

But we think the simplest trick is to fill your boots with rolled up newspaper. The water is absorbed into the newspaper very easily and all you need to do is keep replacing it.

Drying out wellies

Alternative ideas we’ve also heard do the job (but we’ve not tested!):

Rice – if it works for a phone it should work for wellies too – but I would change it quite often as it could turn into a pudding!

Disposable nappies – stuff inside your boot like newspaper – the advantage over newspaper is that they soak up moisture but don’t let it back in - BUT they're not as environmentally friendly as newspaper, so we're not advocating that one any more.

And finally, on a positive note: if you have waterlogged your wellies and have a long walk home, your feet will slosh in warm water – that’s because the water is insulated from the outside cold. It’s warmed by your body heat – working just like a wetsuit. Click here to order your warm wellies.