Getting the right size welly

Have you been piling on layers of socks to get extra warmth when you’re wearing wellies? Do your kids have wellies that far larger than their shoes? And do you know the right shoe size?

Wandering in wellies is fun and you shouldn’t feel like you’re clumping around. Sizing can be a nightmare for some but here are a few tips to help you get the right fit:

  1. You don’t need to wear layers of socks in Warm Wellies – one pair will do!
  2. Did you know your feet continue to grow until the age of 21? Make sure you really know your right size first.
  3. We think it’s a crime against feet to have the wrong size shoes. 29% of British children wear completely the wrong size shoes and 56% of parents buy shoes without having their feet measured. Experts in children’s shoes recommend getting feet measured every six months, it doesn’t take long to measure your feet and good shoe shops will be happy to check them for you.
  4. If you can’t get to a shop, go to our sizing page on our website and stand you child on a tape measure and measure their feet.
  5. We generally say buy wellies that are one size up from your shoes to allow for growth but not any more than that. We often find Mums ordering wellies that are too big because they have had layers of socks on in their other wellies. Remember, you won’t need extra socks to keep toes toasty in our Warm Wellies!

Did you know: Our children’s Warm Wellies come with a reflective strip and loop on the back – we added it to our welly design because it helps little ones pull on their own wellies and the reflective strip is just a little extra safety feature.

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Kids putting on wellies