Garden shoes tested by Garden Designer

Liz Newport - Buzy Lizzie

Green-fingered Garden Designer Liz Newport owns and runs Buzy Lizzie Garden Design from a pretty location in the Lake District. She has been working in and designing gardens for decades, so she spends a lot of time nipping in and out of the office, her garden and those of her clients. We couldn't think of a better Garden Shoe tester.

Thumbs up from a busy 'Buzy Lizzie' 

Liz Newport, is a rather talented garden designer, so, at the start of the summer,  we gave her a pair of our Garden Shoes to test. She said when it was really hot, she left the shoes inside and chose more open footwear for obvious reasons, but when Autumn began, the morning dew on the grass started, and our garden shoes really came into their own. Being waterproof, they're perfect for wet mornings, and when it gets frosty - they're nice and warm too. 

Liz said the Garden Shoes were very flexible which is good for bending down and tending beds, and they really are good back door shoes - as she discovered when getting in the logs and popping across the garden with Ruby her dog. Super quick to pop on and perfect for nipping outside. Decent grips too.

Here's Liz's final comment on our shoes:

"As a Garden Designer, my days are always busy and full of variety. I am often in the office one minute and then outside checking or maintaining plant orders the next. 

"I need shoes that are comfortable, warm, waterproof and easy to slip on and off. My ‘Warm Wellies Garden Shoes’ do that and more!   

" I would highly recommend them to anyone for whom their garden is a passion. Robust and durable they are the ‘go to’ shoe for anyone working in horticulture or gardening and an essential for the ‘home gardener’ too."