Crafting with kids at christmas

Creating a Christmas memory with the kids

Making Christmas decorations with the kids – when we were little we made lots of paperchains and hung them everywhere. Do kids still do that? We used to enjoy crafting with our kids at Christmas and remember making Christmas trees and advent crowns (reminiscent of watching Blue Peter with John Noakes)  when we were little. 

If you want to relive the coat hanger Advent candles – view it here. 

So, in keeping with getting the family together - we’ve included here some top fingertip ways of getting the family together to create a family (Christmas)Tree – and a wreath and few other things too….

Christmas trees...

Scent of Christmas Now we know that spices are great in Mulled Wine – but you could have them on your tree too. These simple Christmas Tree decorations for your Christmas tree will smell lovely – and they look pretty too. Christmas Trees to make

Hands on! Drawing around hands of all sizes will create a tree with different layers – smallest hands at the top of course, and if you keep it til next year it’s a lasting memory and measuring stick to see how much they grow. You could even print the names on the fingers so you can see your tree grow over the years! Thanks for this idea from Mama Smiles 

What a wreath you make

This is also an amazingly simple idea using hands to make a wreath – this time it may be better to make a wreath using just one hand size – and we don’t need to tell you to be careful with little ones and scissors! Thanks to Snickerdoodle for this idea