The Best Welly Boot Bag by Warm Wellies

The best welly boot bag is one that stores wellies (more than one pair!), is lightweight yet still robust enough to take a pounding and easy enough to clean when the muddy dirty boots are removed.

We looked at a number of welly bag options but went for one that does the following very well:

Quality and durability – something that does the job but is not too heavy and cumbersome. Ours are made from a tough nylon fabric that is easy to clean and has a wipe-clean interior too. It has a handy carry handle and double zip which customers say makes carrying thee bags extremely easy.

Water-resistant  - well it wouldn’t be much of a wellington boot bag if wet and muddy boots leaked into the car – so yes, we know ours does the job.

Multi-carrier flexibility – yes, we have tested it out with a pair of field wellies and two pairs of kid’s wellies too. They fit in very nicely and it’s still not too heavy to lift. We have parents who walk their kids to school in warm wellies and then swap into school shoes. It makes carrying footwear much easier and when you aren’t using it, you can fold it down flat for storage. 

Side pocket – yes, inside the welly bag is a side pocket – we use it to keep the dog whistle, treats and poo bags in – but you can just as easily use it for a cloth to clean your boots, so it doesn’t get dirty.

Ventilation panels – if you don’t have ventilation in your welly bag, the moisture won't wick away and your boots will take a long time to dry. And you don’t want a wet puddly mess in the bottom. You will see our bags have a ventilation panel at the back. If you have walking boots you will find the ventilation panel is great to help keep the aroma of sweaty feet at bay when you open your bag.


• W:25 D:35 H:51cm

• We know our heavy-duty wellies fit very nicely inside too.

Our bags are very reasonably priced  - and if you just want to buy a welly bag to cart around your existing wellies – postage and packing is free. If it is added to a welly order – there’s just the extra item postage to pay.