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We travelled to China to check our new crop of hand-made wellies

Posted by Simon Wood - The Welly Farmer on 7th Oct 2017

We travelled to China to check our new crop of hand-made wellies

Our new crop of wellies arrived at the end of September after their journey from the far east. We went out to China to check on the quality of production before they were loaded into containers to set sail for the UK.

Spending a week in China is always exciting, we learn new things on each visit and work with our suppliers to fine tune the design and comfort of our wellies. Last year we worked with our suppliers to produce our first adult field wellies – which are now available in purple and green, plus a heavier duty green welly for men.

Quality matters. Switching production to a new factory

This year we’ve switched factories for our production. Conversation with our new supplier made us realise we can get a better-quality welly from them. The factory is in Jiangsu Province and produces over 1 million pairs of wellies each year. They are mainly sold to people living in Japan which we found very reassuring. The Japanese are very particular and demand very high quality – and so do we.

Hand-made for better quality

We’re traditional and appreciate the value of hand-made quality products, that’s been the spec for our wellies since we began.




Tweaking design of children’s warm wellies

We’ve also taken the chance to make some cosmetic and practical changes to our children’s warm wellies.

You’ll notice the logo is now on the front rather than the back – you can see us coming!

From a durability and performance point of view, we’ve added hard wearing material inside the heel to protect the neoprene lining. It makes the wellies comfy and longer lasting. We’ve also increased the amount of rubber in the boots to make them even more durable. 

We’ve finally agreed that the best depth of neoprene lining for our wellies. We’ve worked on that in a very scientific process and our boys have conducted temperature tests to find out what works best.

Where in the world? Did you know lots of the leading brands have their wellies made in China? We’re pleased with our production because we go out and watch the wellies being made, packaged and loaded for delivery.

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