The wettest weather records - the top ten wettest places in UK​

Posted by Simon Wood - The Welly Farmer on 21st Sep 2018

We saw an article in the Telegraph which discussed the ten wettest places in the UK - and Cumbria is home to 3 of them- one of which - Seatoller - was traditionally considered the wettest place in the UK. There have been two very bad storms - 2009 and 2015, which created havoc across the country, but nowhere more so than Cumbria. We have lakes because of the rain, but sometimes it’s not great to be out in the cold and wet.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that The lake District is also home to Warm Wellies - designed to keep feet warm and toasty in all weathers.

The top ten (in no particular order) wettest records in the UK - from the Telegraph are:

  1. Seathwaite, Cumbria - it holds the record for the highest consecutive rainfall over 3 and 4 days - Nov 16-19th 2009, this hamlet in Borrowdale was pelted with 495mm or rail. (456.4mm fell in just 2 days). It was a terrible time down the valley which was cut off for quite some time. This valley is the wettest in the UK.
  2. Honister Pass. The year was 2015 - and quite record breaking for floods in Cumbria. So, at the top of Honister Pass you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that for any 24 hour period they hold the highest recorded rainfall. 341.4mm rain on December 4th. On a more positive note, Honister has seen some fantastic scenes - including the Tour of Britain. It also has slate quarry and a fantastic zip wire if you dare to have a go.
  3. Lluest Wen Reservoir, Mid Glamorgan is the wettest place in Wales. In 1929 211 mm fell during November.
  4. Sloy Main Adit, Argyll & Bute is the wettest place in Scotland - January 17th, 1974 it had 238mm of rain. Great place for a hydro-electric power station on Loch Sloy
  5. Thirlmere feeds water to Manchester and the North West. In December 2015 the whole of Cumbria was under a deluge of water, but on December 4th and 5th 405mm fell at Thirlmere. No worries for drinking water in Manchester - but it caused utter devastation in Cumbria with flooding that took out bridges, roads and wrecked so many homes. The after effects are still being felt today.

  6. Preston, Lancashire - quite close to us really - on one August day in 1893 the Met Office believes 32mm of rain fell over Preston
  7. Martinstown in Dorset has the award for the wettest place in England - or so they thought - we know Cumbria has the most rain. In Dorset,279mm rain fell in 24 hours on 18th July 1955 - that’s just short of 30cm - the length of a ruler.
  8. Eskdalemuir, Scotland - 80mm of rain in ½ hour in June 1953
  9. Maidenhead, Berkshire - July 12th, 1901 saw 92mm - 10cm rain fall in one hour
  10. Hewenden Reservoir, West Yorkshire - it was pelted with 155mm rain in 2 hours, June 11th, 1956