The best wellies for kids

Posted by Simon Wood - The Welly Farmer on 1st Nov 2019

Fleece lined wellies, cotton lined wellies or warm neoprene lined wellies – which are the best wellies for kids

It pays to get the right wellies for your little ones – because it’s no fun when they’re crying over frozen toes. We think warm wellies are a must. But do you get your kids fleece lined , cotton lined or neoprene lined wellies?

Being realistic we know kids grow out of wellies quickly – but you should get a season or two out of them and you can pass them down.

If you’re at a forest school the bragging rights aren’t about how cool they look – it’s all about how effective they are at keeping tots toes warm and cosy.

If your kids love the outdoors, love to splash in mud and puddles and are out for long periods of time, then you’ll get so much more value out of a pair of properly lined wellies. That’s why so many forest schools and outdoor nurseries recommend our neoprene lined warm wellies as part of their essential kit list.

Fleece lined, cotton lined or neoprene lined kids’ wellies?

Fleece lined wellies will keep you warm to a degree, but they don’t have the insulation properties of neoprene lined wellies, you are likely to need thicker socks and how long does the fleece stay nice?

Cotton lined wellies are certainly easier to wash, but they don’t have the protection, padding or warmth – so they’re fine in summer but won’t keep toes warm in winter.

Neoprene has some amazing properties - it’s insulating, resilient yet soft and very comfortable to wear too.

Neoprene lined wellies are fantastic for winter – the insulation properties mean your feet stay warmer for longer. We put this to the test with our kids when they were little.

We stood cotton lined wellies and neoprene warm wellies in a bucket of ice water in what the boys dubbed the ‘temperature test’. The result - the neoprene wellies were 7 degrees warmer.

We designed the kid’s wellies with 4mm of neoprene lining – not 3.5mm or less (that we hear some welly manufacturers use), but 4mm. Have a look at a ruler and you’ll see that it’s a wonderfully thick layer of warmth and protection for your tot’s toes and feet.

And we’ve added extra material inside the boots – to protect the heel area from rubbing and it helps protect the lining too.

The verdict? Neoprene lined Warm Wellies will keep your feet warm – even in the most extreme of conditions.

Neoprene for the countryside – warmwellies for walking

Neoprene-lined wellington boots are a must for families who love walking in woods and the countryside. You need a good grip on the sole, they’ve got to be comfy and resilient too. And they must be a good fit whilst still leaving wriggle room for toes. That’s why so many families, farmers and dog walkers love Warm Wellies.

Traction and grip

Thick neoprene lining – 4mm no compromise

Easy to get on and off

Super soft but durable natural rubber

Wriggle room for toes

Handy fluorescent tabs – help pulling on and being seen int the dark

Lightweight but still very durable. Practical functional and very comfy and warm

So, if you want to order a pair of kid’s neoprene lined wellies

Click to the kid’s wellies page

P.S. Did you realise our wellies are made from natural rubber?

Natural rubber is an extremely waterproof agricultural product that comes from the latex sap of certain plants and trees in the tropics. It is renowned for being flexible and comfortable and as a natural product, it is much kinder to the environment too.

(Rubber is also known as gum elastic – hence why wellies are known as gumboots.)