Expanding the market with wide Warm Wellies

Posted by Simon Wood - The Welly Farmer on 20th Nov 2018


Hello there.

Here at the Warm Welly Company in Cumbria, we have expanded our range of Warm Wellies to accommodate adults with chunkier calves and wider feet. The new range of wider fitting wellies were designed as a result of feedback from Mums and Grannies who had bought the kids versions of neoprene lined Warm Wellies.

Simon Wood, owner of The Warm Welly Company, spotted a gap in the welly market and created warm, very comfy neoprene lined wellies for kids. He continually looks for ways to develop and expand his market potential and more recently, introduced Adult Warm Wellies so family members could take advantage of the very warm wellies too. But innovation has not stopped there.

Feedback from Warm Welly fans suggested that people with chunky calves, wide feet or arthritic ankles were struggling to find comfy fitting wellies that were really warm and easy to get on and off. Simon set about designing his new WIDE Warm Welly.

This autumn the green and purple Wide Warm Wellies were launched - and are proving a real success. They are handcrafted from natural rubber, lined with 4mm neoprene, they have a moulded sole for extra grip and hand stitched leather effect edging. They are great for wider feet or stiff ankles and have an expanding gusset for wider calves.

Simon said “We have so many customers who are very active outdoors, either riding horses, walking or working, and Field Wellies don’t suit everyone. We know from experience that chunkier calves or wide feet aren’t suited to the slimmer field wellies, and for older people with less flexibility in their joints, an easier fit welly would be appreciated.

When we designed these wider wellies, we added room in the ankle, foot width and calf and the adjustable sides give great flexibility. The wellies can expand as much as 14cm which allows for thick trousers too.


  • Easy to get on and off
  • Comfy, warm and great value
  • More room for wider feet
  • Good if you have stiff ankles
  • Expanding gusset - great for the chunkiest (most muscled) calves
  • They're very flexible when gardening
  • You can tuck your trousers in - not just skinny leggings!!
  • When our new wide warm wellies arrives, we used a traffic cone to demonstrate just how flexible they are - and the video clip did a great job on social media.

    Our Wide Warm Welly Testers tell us they are fantastic to garden in because you can bend down and there is plenty give. With this in mind, we’re planning to talk to gardeners and, following on from our presentation at the Farm Innovation Show, we’ll also be talking to Women’s Institute groups too.”

    Customers who have left reviews on our Warm Wellies website describe the wellies as “Fabulous, just fabulous.” Others comment on the construction “The expanding sides cope easily with my calf size, plus leggings tucked in and as for the colour purple - just love it. Couldn’t ask for a better style, value and comfort in one product. Genius, just genius.”

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