Going Christmas Crackers over knitting

Crafty Christmas ideas for kids that won’t cost the earth and are great done as a family. If you want to entertain the kids when they break up for the Christmas holidays  - building on the excitement of Santa’s arrival, we’ve some top ideas you can have a go at. 

Crackers over Knitting 

Were you one of the thousands who took up knitting during the lockdowns? Or are you an old hand? 

Anna Feldman has been keen knitter for years. Her Grandmother taught her how to knit and she took it up again when a student as a way to relax from her studies. Now the owner of Wild and Wooly Shop, she spoke to the Guardian, commenting on the migration of people from screen to doing something with their hands. “The relentless hours of screen time in our working and home lives has undoubtedly led to a restlessness for something that you just don’t get online. Working your way along a row of stitches and feeling the fabric grow and seeing your hat or sweater or blanket take shape in your hands, can feel surprisingly nourishing, when so much else in our lives is virtual. There’s something reassuring in the repetition of the stitches and completely astonishing in the finished fabric.”

So, if you want to spend some time learning to knit, or teaching your next generation how to knit, we thought this selection of pattern ideas might inspire you. We found them on Etsy:

Go crackers -   they may not give off a snap, but they will last for more than a year! Click here

Hats off to this Christmas Hat: perfect for your Christmas Day welly wanders  - or any day this winter Click here

Old fashioned Socks: The long and the long of it – perfect for the fireside – make it as long as you like! Click here

Bootees for beginners – start with something simple – and small. You will see it grow quite quickly and perhaps get the bug. Click here

Stripy socks are spot on for the kids – These may be a bit more challenging, but they are super lovely. And you could do them in green and purple if you want to match our wellies! Click here